Essex Golf and Country Clubhouse

Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning Ensures Stability and Managed Growth

Well planned. Well managed. Well thought. A planning culture has long been the hallmark of Essex's ability to consistently enhance its position as the premier Club in the area, maintain excellence in facilities and people, and manage prudent membership growth for the future.
At any moment in time Essex is actively engaged in planning for the future, executing current plans and evaluating successes to ensure its family friendly focus and continued recognition as the premier Club in the Windsor area.

"Planning Culture" driven by Strategic Plan. 
Approved in 2010, the Strategic Plan provides a road rnap for the future. Identified issues, needs, goals and objectives help provide the perpetuation and continued viability of the Club.

Renaissance Plan to restore original course design. 
In 2005, the Club began to execute gradual restoration of the golf course to bring it back to the original Donald Ross design. A longer term Tree Plan for the golf course and grounds will ensure the viability of our woodlot for years to come.

Capital Plan addresses future needs and funding.
Within the Clubhouse, the lifespan of key elements like HVAC equipment, the roof, furnishings and fixtures is considered so that replacement can be planned in an orderly manner. Golf course maintenance equipment is replaced in a similar planned fashion.

Clubhouse Master Planning anticipates the future.
It is important we keep our clubhouse up to date, current with mernber expectations, while preserving its traditional warmth and heritage look and feel.

Annual Business Plan directs operational effectiveness and growth. 
Managing prudent member growth and operational efficiencies is a well balanced practise at Essex. The Club, Marketing Plan strategically determines effective communications to share the Essex Golf 8, Country Club experience with area residents and the Business Plan outlines how the Club might best operate from year to year.

Well planned. Well managed. Well thought. 
The Planning Culture at Essex is one of its great strengths. Club members actively participate while also supporting our professional management team through volunteer committee involvement. Our volunteer Board of Directors, elected annually from among the membership, bring a wealth of different professional backgrounds and real world expertise to Essex with a track record of sound decision making that benefits the entire Club.