Essex Golf and Country Clubhouse

Essex Range

Full Practice Range Provides Complete Game Experience

The practice range at Essex allows you to practice every club in your bag - a facility that differentiates Essex from other private clubs in the area.
Family members being introduced to the game will welcome our full service practice area where they can practice typical 'game' shots with every club in their bag. Experienced golfers can experiment with different aspects of their clubs and swing to work on the fine points of their game.

We are proud of our practice facilities at Essex and its unique features:

Grass tees. Members can practice shots that replicate the lie they would experience on the golf course.

Full compression golf balls are provided for the Essex range and new balls are added each year. By playing the same compression golf ball you would use on the course, you experience the same ball flight and feel as you will during regular play.
Often smaller ranges are required to use golf balls with reduced compression so they travel less distance and don't fly out of the small confines of their range. This can be a real detriment to a player who is working on their game and wants to experience the exact shot during practice that he'd have on the golf course.

Titleist NXT golf balls for short game practice. Use of these balls allow members to really "feel" these touch shots. This area features a strong design so that all types of short shots can be practiced. In reality, it is your short game that will likely save you the most strokes, and our facility is the best in the area to perfect this important aspect of your game.

Two practice putting greens. The attention to detail at Essex is evidenced by the green speed and turf conditions on our two greens mirroring the conditions found on the golf course.

Ample teaching areas. Our Golf Professionals have designated space to conduct group clinics and camps or individual lessons, without impacting members practice.

Smart value. The annual cost to use the range represents great value when compared to the ongoing costs of practicing at a driving range.